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Buying a mediterranean Marina Berth

The Mediterranean has always been the dream location for many northern European boat owners. The warm, stable and sunny weather conditions enable their sailing ambitions to be enjoyed for some 260 days a year, or even more in the warmer locations. This rise in permanent boater numbers means there is a constant need for additional berthing facilities and it can be very difficult for yacht owners to find their ideal berth.

Securing a berth in the Mediterranean is but one of the many reasons boat owners tend to buy their berth instead of renting. That, along with the fact it is generally cheaper to buy than it is to rent, are the two main reasons 80% of all berths have been purchased by boat owners of many differing nationalities.

In all instances you should allow 10% of the purchase price to cover tax and/or legal costs. And once you have purchased a berth, there is in most ports an annual maintenance charge to pay towards the upkeep of the marina. But despite these charges it is not uncommon to make a saving of some 50% against renting the same berth over the remaining period of the port concession.

When purchasing a marina berth it gives the buyer the right to use that berth right up to the end concession date of that particular marina. The concession period however is different for practically every port in all the different countries. In some the concession has many year to run, where in others it may be a relatively short period, but the price of the berths will always be relative to the length of the remaining concession period.

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